The first post

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Welcome! You’ve made it to The Candid Gamer. This is my blog about, you guessed it, video games, gaming, being a gamer and a whole mess of other stuff that goes along with that. 

My goal with this blog is multi-faceted. I hope to be able to help and provide info to a wide variety of people. People who are interested in gaming but new to the whole scene, people who know nothing about gaming but maybe want to know what to get for a family or friend and then of course the gamers. Hardcore, casual and all the in between. 

“Candid Gamer” means exactly what it says, I’m going to be honest with anything and everything I talk about. If I check out a game and think it’s a pile of trash, I’ll tell you. If I think it’s one of the greatest games I’ve ever played, I’ll definitely be telling you. I’m human so I’m biased but I can think beyond those biases and put myself in other people’s shoes.

Well with all that said, I’m glad you’ve made it and since you’re here, you may as well check out the rest of the site.