What’s the point?

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So the big question behind why I’m doing this and why you’re even here. That question can be stated in numerous different ways but one simple one is this, what’s the point? What’s the point of reading this blog? Why do I do it and why should you spend your time?

The answer is in the name. The Candid Gamer. I’m a gamer and I’m going to tell it straight as best I can. I’ve been playing video games since I was probably four or five years old. Started on the original Nintendo Entertainment System (NES), which had so many good games. I’m a nerd and I’m a super geek. Stories, books, collectibles, card games, board games, cartoons, movies and just so much more! While there’s so many things I love (and will probably bring up interspersed here and there), I love video games.

Now to be, as the name says, candid, I don’t love ALL video games. Two things come to mind,

  1. Not all games are created equal. There are definitely games that are just not fun or interesting to play.
  2. There are specific games and genres that I am not interested in in the slightest

I’m just being…”candid” with you….did you see what I did there? But seriously, I’ve never been the biggest fan of turn based tactics games (think Final Fantasy Tactics and XCOM) and I legit have a huge distaste for Dark Souls (I know there’s huge fans out there and I’ll write on that sometime). While I have my tastes, I feel pretty strongly that I can still be fairly objective in checking out something that might not be completely up my alley. Obviously there’s something to the Dark Souls games (now turned pseudo genre) because SO many people love them.

What’s the point again?

Gamers gaming and being honest with you all. Anyway, yeah that’s what this is about. I already said it and I’ll say it again, I love video games and I hope I can help in whatever aspect of the wonderful world of gaming you find yourself in.